Libido: Where Did It Go?

Loss of sex drive is a by-product of diminishing hormone levels for menopausal men and women. Sexual stimulation and erection begin in the brain. Neuronal testosterone-receptor sites ignite a surge of biochemical events, involving nerves, blood vessels and muscles. Free testosterone promotes sexual desire and facilitates both sensation and performance.

Waning testosterone levels clearly affect the quality of a man’s sex life. Reduced levels also contribute to a woman’s low libido, even though she has only 5% - 10% the testosterone levels of her male counterpart.

Bolstering free testosterone is not the simple solution we would wish – if excess estrogen competes for the same cellular receptors. Estrogen impacts testosterone’s effectiveness by encouraging the rise of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).

SHBG binds free testosterone into a non-active testosterone, which can’t be picked up by testosterone receptors. As a result, testosterone cannot produce the desired libido-enhancing effects because it must be in a free form – with excess estrogen suppressed.

Studies also reveal hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism negatively impact testosterone metabolism. A thyroid hormone deficiency can contribute to hypogonadism and, consequently, affect sexual behavior and performance. The result is erectile dysfunction and/or premature and delayed ejaculation.

It also should be noted (as with any hormone supplementation) that when you bolster free testosterone, monitoring levels periodically is important. Whether stimulating hormone or direct testosterone injection is used, you may be producing estrogen through aromatization: a process adding to the indigenous estrogen already present.

The key is restoring a more youthful hormone balance. Our goal isn’t to replace hormones – but first stimulate the body to make hormones on its own, then complement hormones, when clinically indicated.

Personalized hormone optimization programs at MASRI MEDICAL can revive male and female sexuality. It begins with an intensive evaluation and ends with you enjoying a vibrant life, an enhanced libido, more energy and improved health.