I noticed you offer teeth whitening, does it really work?

Depending on what type of discolorations you have will depend on the level of results you receive. But most of our clients will see between 3‐6 shades in just one 15 minute session.

How white will my teeth get?

There are several factors that affect your teeth’s ability to whiten, including the type of discolorations you have and your age. Our goal is to help your teeth get to a “natural white” and not a fake white. We usually see between 4‐6 shades lighter in just one session. For the best results, we recommend two to three sessions.

Do you have to be a dentist to offer teeth whitening?

The only way we are able to offer teeth whitening is that we never touch your mouth and offer it as a self‐administered process. Everything we offer is available directly to consumers for personal use, including the light, but it is very expensive and outside the budget of most individuals. We do not offer the high percentage strength of Peroxide that dentists use or the higher strength of light but still offer outstanding results at an affordable price.

I have smoked for years; will this really lighten my teeth?

Smoke discolorations are some of the easiest to lighten. However, each client is different and may respond differently to Cosmetic Teeth Whitening. We have seen consistent results between 4‐6 shades in just one 15 minute session. We offer up to three different sessions based upon the type of discolorations you have and how white you want your teeth to be.

Will my teeth get as white as going to the dentist?

We offer Cosmetic Teeth Whitening which provides between 4‐6 shades whiter in one 15 minute session and even higher shades up to 10+ with two to three sessions. We do recommend up to three sessions to obtain the best results with our Whiter Image Program. Dentists use a higher level of Peroxide that provides “extremely white” results. Although we achieve great results, we are not able to get the same “extreme white” results. However Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is far more affordable and offers outstanding results for the price with most experiencing virtually no sensitivity – one of the hallmarks of the Whiter Image Advanced Whitening Gel.

What strength of Peroxide do you use?

At this time, our Premium Whitening Gel is 30% Carbamide Peroxide with accelerators and hydrators in a dual barrel syringe that dampen the strength once mixed for reduced sensitivity without compromising results. Our Home Edition is 22% Carbamide Peroxide.

How is your Peroxide different from what dentist use?

Every dentist is different, but most dentists use a form of Power Bleaching, which uses a higher level of 30‐35% hydrogen Peroxide. A lot of clients complain of increased sensitivity during and after the Power Bleaching treatments. Our lower strength Peroxide combines hydrators with the Peroxide to minimize or eliminate any sensitivity.

I have crowns (veneers, caps or other dental work) on my teeth, will this affect them?

Numerous studies have been completed showing there are no adverse effects on dental work.

Will this whiten my crowns (veneers, caps or other dental work)?

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening will not whiten dental work, but it can help get them back to the original color when the dental work was done.

Does this whiten tetracycline discolorations?

Although age and tetracycline discolorations are the hardest to whiten, we have had success with both. You may need additional sessions to help achieve a whiter smile.

Does everyone get the same level of results?

Everyone is different, and their discolorations are different. Although we generally see between 4‐6 shades in just one whitening session, there is no way to guarantee anyone how white their teeth will become. Some clients have seen up to 10+ shades while others have been less. It all depends on the type of discolorations they have and other factors including their age and what their natural teeth color. With Cosmetic Teeth Whitening, we try to help you achieve a g, y p y “natural white” not a fake white.

Will I have any sensitivity with your whitening sessions?

Our Premium Whitening Gel includes hydrators to virtually eliminate sensitivity. But for those few that do experience mild sensitivity, it usually subsides within minutes.

Why do you offer the choice of 1, 2, or 3 whitening sessions, when you get the best results with 3 sessions?

Every client is different and the level of results desired is usually different. We also understand that everyone’s budget is different. So, we provide the option of 1, 2, or 3 sessions based upon those factors. For the best results, we recommend 3 sessions and follow‐up with our maintenance products.

What causes tooth discoloration?

There are many reasons for discolored teeth. Aging and the on‐going use of coffee, tea, sodas, red wine and tobacco products can lead to discolored teeth. The ingestion of tetracycline and excessive fluoride frequently causes such severe discolorations that extended whitening’s and perhaps more aggressive means may be required.

Is whitening for everyone?

Almost everyone can experience a brighter smile with the Whiter Image Premium products. Although, teeth whitening is not recommended for children under the age of 16 or pregnant or nursing mothers.