True beauty is as easy to identify as it is difficult to define. But undoubtedly, clear skin and a plump pout are universally synonymous with youth, and an icon of sensuality. I strongly believe and scientific research has shown that lips are the most youthful aspect of a face, especially when complemented by high cheeks.

Well-defined, plump lips are subject to sagging as we age. With time the colored portion of the lips thins out and the arch of the upper lip (Cupid’s bow) flattens. This problem is especially noticeable in women with naturally thin lips. Sun damage and smoking are the two biggest culprits to accelerate this process, but ultimately, there is little women can do naturally to change the appearance of their lips because aging is determined more by genetics than any outside factors.

Lip augmentation enhances the contour and fullness of lips for a younger, healthier appearance. Lip augmentation is appropriate for patients who wish to enhance the lips they are born with and for patients who wish to restore the lips aging takes away. The effect of Filler Products is not permanent; however, you can expect to enjoy the results of this procedure for 6-9 months or longer.

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