The First Step in Anti-Aging!

Skin is made up of two layers: the epidermis (a superficial layer of dead tissue) and the dermis (a deep layer of live tissue). In young skin, the epidermis is thin, while the dermis is thick. New cells develop at the base of the deep layer and push upward, maturing as they rise. As the older cells reach the surface they are sloughed off. This rotation (cell turnover) takes about 28 days, keeping your skin smooth, even toned and healthy. As we age this process is stunted and the proportion of superficial and deep skin layers reverses, so that the ‘dead’ surface layer gets thicker and densely packed, while the deeper ‘live’ tissue gets thinner. This produces a dull, rough appearance to the skin, and causes an increasing amount of discoloration.

Why does this happen?

Through life we encounter sun exposure, smoke and other pollutants in the environment which produce harmful atomic particles known as ‘free radicals’. . Though the primary function of our skin is to serve as an environmental barrier which keeps harmful substances out… unfortunately, it also keeps some bad things in, like the free radicals. Free radicals damage the collagen which serves as the support structure of the skin, so that it is unable to promote normal cell turnover. Free radicals also destroy the elastin fibers which give our skin its tightness, thereby causing wrinkles. When this occurs, and the ‘dead’ tissue begins to thicken and compact, regular cosmeceuticals and home skincare methods often fail to penetrate through the epidermis to the live tissue, leading to premature aging. In this state only about one tenth of one percent of the nutrients applied to the skin will make their way through to your live tissue.

Microdermabrasion is a procedure used to remove the dead skin debris that has dulled and distorted the surface architecture of the skin. Combined with chemical peels we are then able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin to provide antioxidants and other nutrients to heal and protect the dermis (live tissue). A good anti-oxidant acts like a magnet toward free radicals. The free radicals will jump from the collagens to the anti-oxidant, then be neutralized and flushed out of the body through the bloodstream. Cell turnover in the dermis, needed to maintain a younger, healthier and more vibrant skin appearance, is promoted. Other nutrients help build new collagen, further tightening the skin.

The first layer of chemical peeling agent applied to the skin are ‘acids’ that break the ‘glue’ or ‘bonds’ that hold the surface cells tightly together. It helps remove a superficial layer of dead skin cells. This is followed with a microdermabrasion treatment (MDA) that will further eliminate the dead cell debris that is stopping product penetration. Then an additional chemical peel at a stronger pH concentration creates ‘windows of opportunity’ into the dermis.

This is where true anti-aging or fighting acne begins. Treatments have to affect live tissue. A routine microdermabrasion and exfoliation of the skin IS NOT ANTI-AGEING. Only by generating cell turnover in the live tissue can treatments affect the overall skin condition and appearance, and produce long lasting results. The natural pH (acid level) of the skin averages 4.5, and in order to produce an effective clinical response, the pH level of the medical grade chemical acid applied to the skin must be below 4. An aesthetician working on her own, by law, can only obtain acids with a pH of 6 or above and is, therefore, unable to affect the dermis where the necessary treatment needs to take place.

Medical grade acids, however, have a pH level of 3 and below. As a result, the acids used by MASRI MEDICAL are strong enough to treat the true problem of aging and achieve lasting results.

The recommendation for achieving the optimum result is to perform a series of 6 treatments. This ‘kicks’ in the cell turnover at a rapid rate. One treatment should be done each week for three weeks and then every other week for an additional three treatments. If the skin rotates every 28 days, hitting it hard with micro-peels every 7 days jump starts the skin division and growth in order to keep up with the cell turnover we are forcing it to produce. By creating a ‘superficial’ wound on the face, the skin ‘heals’ at a faster rate than normal and new collagen is laid down in the process. The client should see exceptional results within the first month of their treatments.