Activate Skin’s Beauty

AFA Amino Acid Skin Care is a comprehensive rejuvenation program that is exclusively available through medical professionals. AFA combines powerful exfoliation and moisture retention with remarkably low irritation to provide immediate, noticeable results.

The AFA Daily Rejuvenation Program is the at-home portion of the AFA Program. It is designed to provide patients with a skin care regimen that not only complements and enhances their professional procedures, but also visibly improves their skin - every day.

The Daily Rejuvenation Program is divided into morning and evening protocols, based on a strategy of CLEANSE, TONE, EXFOLIATE and MOISTURIZE.

What is Amino Acid Skin Care?

AFA Amino Acid Skin Care is a simple and effective skin care program that produces noticeable improvements in the tone, texture and overall appearance of the skin. The patented AFA technology is based on the acidification of the amino acids that make up the skin's own natural moisture system, resulting in a revolutionary, unique and highly effective rejuvenation program. AFA represents an exclusive skin care plan designed to complement and enhance all current aesthetic treatment strategies.

What does AFA Amino Acid Skin Care do?

  • AFA is a Powerful Exfoliant with Minimal Irritation
    Acidified Amino Acid exfoliates and removes dead skin cells from the skin's surface - improving skin texture and appearance with minimum irritation.
  • AFA Promotes Greater Moisture Retention
    Acidified Amino Acid supplements the skin's Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF), increasing the skin's natural hydration capability.
  • AFA is a Potent Stable Antioxidant
    Acidified Amino Acid provides stable antioxidation, establishing a healthy skin environment. This unique, patented, modern technology provides all the results you expect without the concerns of dryness and irritation associated with older cosmeceutical products, such as alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and hydroquinone.